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That’s how we roll in O-Town

10/10/2018 | by Jessica | About Florida

That’s how we roll in O-Town

Orlando is the largest tourist location in the nation, and there are several things that differentiate the City Beautiful from the typical tourist town. A lot actually, and it is very helpful to know what and why, and how we roll in O-Town.

Don’t arrive clueless – get O-Town savvy!

Alright, what you may know as Orlando isn’t actually Orlando. That’s right, just like most American cities; Orlando is surrounded by several cities and towns whose names get mentioned between locals only; for the rest of the world, it’s all part of Orlando. What makes it a little odd, however, is that most of what Orlando is known for isn’t located in Orlando at all. This includes Disney World, which could be considered a city by itself not just by size, but for the fact that Disney actually has its own government with an infrastructure of municipal and emergency services.

All those people who vote for Mickey Mouse – it’s all starting to make sense now!

Resort Style Living

Something else that’s different “in” Orlando compared to many other cities is how we attend to our guests. While many visitors choose to keep it old school and stay in a hotel room, tourists flock to the many luxury resorts in the area. It makes sense – think about it – if you were planning a vacation to the Caribbean, would you want to stay at a resort by the beach or wait in an elevator line to get to the 13th floor of a hotel room somewhere? Hotels may be cool if located on Broadway in Manhattan, but for a vacation in the sun, you want to float around on a lazy river, sip poolside margaritas, and most of all, be close to your points of interest. And I’m sure you know there is no one point of interest as the Orlando area is crowded with amazing world-class entertainment.

But, there’s no Beach…or is there?

Yes, the answer is yes! There is no point in the entire state of Florida that is more than 60 miles away from a beach. So, the beach is one hour or less away. It takes longer to just drive through the greater Orlando area as we know it. See, O-Town’s got it all!

What’s interesting about most tourist-filled cities is that tourists out-populate locals by large margins during high season. Orlando breaks both rules. Remember how I told you that most of the attractions in the area aren’t really in Orlando? Most of the entertainment is located south of Orlando. So okay, if someone lives in the tourist-dense areas, they will be outnumbered by far (And might even work for the industry), but as far as downtown Orlando goes, tourism is scarce. As for the second point – Florida is never out of season – it pretty much remains a fashionable vacation destination year-round, so while the number of visitors is greater during certain times of the year, Orlando is never an off-season ghost town.

So now that you are in the know-how, take charge of planning the family vacation with confidence. We look forward to seeing you surfing the Flowrider at the Solara Resort soon!