That’s how we roll in O-Town

That’s how we roll in O-Town Orlando is the largest tourist location in the nation, and there are several things that differentiate the City Beautiful from the typical tourist town. A lot actually, and it is very helpful to know what and why, and how we roll in O-Town. Don’t arrive clueless – get O-Town […]

10/10/2018 | by Jessica | About Florida

An Orlando Dream-Come-True Vacation

An Orlando Dream-Come-True Vacation You’ve seen it – YouTube videos of little kids in tears of joy after their parents reveal the plans for the family’s next vacation destination, Orlando, Florida. Orlando here being synonymous with Disney World, Harry Potter, Shamu, or whatever the kids hold dear, stuff that otherwise only lives in their imagination. […]

08/27/2018 | by Jessica | About Florida

Solara Resort is here!

Solara Resort is here! Solara Resort – The excitement surrounding this brand new resort has been steadily growing for some time. Why? Why this resort? There is no secret Orlando keeps growing to accommodate the ever so increasing stream of visitors each year. Once again, Orlando took the spot as the most visited destination in […]

07/02/2018 | by Jessica | Vacation Rentals