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An Orlando Dream-Come-True Vacation

08/27/2018 | by Jessica | About Florida

An Orlando Dream-Come-True Vacation

You’ve seen it – YouTube videos of little kids in tears of joy after their parents reveal the plans for the family’s next vacation destination, Orlando, Florida. Orlando here being synonymous with Disney World, Harry Potter, Shamu, or whatever the kids hold dear, stuff that otherwise only lives in their imagination. The fun has already begun. As the countdown begins and anticipation grows, happiness already lives within their little hearts.

The day arrives when they step unto the warm and welcoming Florida turf. Everything looks so different your kids imagine themselves now part of a fantastic story. Palmtrees, wild orange trees, tropical flowers – they’ve entered a whole different world. Any tiresome travel is immediately wiped from their memory. It’s as if they arrived through a mystic portal – swoosh, and they’re ready to jam!

Traveling is said to create the most memorable memories. Ever think back to your own childhood? What stands out the most? Is the sky blue? Is everyone happy? Do they include shaking hands with a real live move character? These are the memories Orlando create for your kids – memories that live on forever.

Remember that one time when you met Anna and Elsa? How about trading your trinket with a jawa? Hey, how about that one time…

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